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Happy Holidays to you, my Simmer friends. Peace on earth and good will toward all! All except the malicious spam-creature that is continually sucking good tidings from this blog.

Yes. Somewhere, deep within world spam headquarters, an extremely small-hearted bot decided that Simmer would be a good place to nest. Simmer Till Done is under spam attack. Serious spam. You know the kind I mean male-pharmaceutical pick-me-up last-for-four-hours spam. Several weeks ago I began seeing unusual search terms. I usually see searches for spritz cookies or Cleos pumpkin biscuits or, may she rest in egg noodle peace, Aunt Roses kugel. What I dont see too often: how do I get free Viagra from Canada?

What does it mean? It means links to this blog dont work well, and our subscriber list is shot. It means every word I type* is attached to Internet ads for medical male assistance. It means when legitimate kugel-bakers Google a Simmer recipe, they now find odious pharmaceutical spam. It is most discouraging. What would Aunt Rose think?

Sigh. Lets just look at latkes.

I feel better already.

The tech elves are working to fix Simmer but I should note that this is the last post until were hack-free. The next time you read Simmer Till Done it will hopefully have a new design, spam-free archives and a happy, refreshed writer at the helm. In the meantime, I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons, full of golden potatoes and tart applesauce, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or a marvelous onion-soaked brisket, like the one Cleo is so interested in, below:

Sigh (second sigh). Why cant Labradors provide tech support?

* not every word you type, just me. Feel free to add your spam-safe commiseration.