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Retriever Retriever, Pumpkin Eater

Cleo wasn’t feeling well. Our four-year old black Lab had a problem, in that special dog way of having a problem, the kind that finds you outside at 3 a.m., wondering how she ate a paper towel, a pen, six bagels and their bag. Of course dog owners know that goes with the territory, and [...]

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Canard a l’Cleo

Cleo’s best friend – other than me, Keeper of the Food – is a duck. A stuffed duck. A stuffed duck with a ripped beak and a limp neck. Cleo takes Ducky everywhere, and  is happiest when the fattest part fills her mouth. “Where’s Ducky?” we say, “go get Ducky!”  She frantically searches upstairs and [...]

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New Old House is Lab-Tested and Approved

No scientific tests on the stucco…but this house has been lab-tested. By Cleo. You can see by her nylabone and sweet glazed stare that she’s settling into the house nicely. Like she’s always been there. I’d been worried. And though I’m quite sure I wasn’t the first to fret about a transitioning dog, it sure [...]

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