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A No-Craft Craft for Coffee Lovers

To give is better to receive, and to give the gift of coffee is almost as good as drinking it yourself.  Here’s a tiny little no-craft craft (for even the least crafty among us) that you can use for birthdays, holidays, or any day you feel guilty about all those paper java jackets. You will [...]

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The Center of Everything

It’s been a month since Josie’s bat mitzvah, and looking at photos now with a better-rested and less tearful eye, it’s hard to believe we did all that. But we did, and at least one part of it merits a closer how-to look. Centerpieces. We planned 16 tables of adults at our party (some 60 [...]

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If You Build It, They Will Know

What’s the real difference between DIY and not DIY? If you do it yourself, no one ever has to know how crazy you really are. Here is a set of cubbyholes in the old, soon-to-be-vacated house. We had it built years ago to store our seemingly endless and possibly reproducing rolls of wrapping paper, and [...]

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