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A No-Craft Craft for Coffee Lovers

To give is better to receive, and to give the gift of coffee is almost as good as drinking it yourself.  Here’s a tiny little no-craft craft (for even the least crafty among us) that you can use for birthdays, holidays, or any day you feel guilty about all those paper java jackets.

You will need: a coffee gift card, a java jacket, double-sided tape, and a birthday (or other holiday) card

1. Place a small piece of double-sided tape between bottom seams of the java jacket. Press together. Now you have a flat pocket.

2. Place another piece of double-sided tape on the back of java jacket pocket, and press into birthday card.

3. Place coffee gift card in pocket. (If card slides around, use a tiny piece of double-sided tape on back of gift card to keep in place)

4. Gift your happy, caffeinated, amazed friend.

And you didnt think you were crafty. Feel like getting crazy? Like using a hole punch? Try the pretty-pretty version.

Punch two holes in top of java jacket. Pull ribbon through. Tie bow. Pretty!

Sparkly version? Use decorative stick-on gems.

And there we have it. A no-craft craft that reuses, reduces, recycles, and keeps your caffeinated friends happy.

Why would I bother doing this? For what its worth, I support our local coffee shops and drink many a cappuccino there. But I like that frothy Starbucks froth, and enjoy it on occasion. Now and then.

Its not like I have a problem or anything.