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Happy Holidays to you, my Simmer friends. Peace on earth and good will toward all! All except the malicious spam-creature that is continually sucking good tidings from this blog. Yes. Somewhere, deep within world spam headquarters, an extremely small-hearted bot decided that Simmer would be a good place to nest. Simmer Till Done is under [...]

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Guest Blogger: Cleo

Five year old Cleo is our first quadruped guest blogger. Skills: Sleeping, slobbering, ear-scratching. Being soft. Likes: Josie, tennis balls, pumpkin biscuits, eating grass, pizza crust, chewing fur off behind, butter within reach. Dislikes: Josie going to school, lack of pizza crust, humans talking too much, unfriendly cats, butter out of reach. Loves: Josie She [...]

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Fundraiser Forsythia Faux Farm Focus ———– Fundraiser: Hazelnut Mocha Cherry Torte, made this week for a fundraising auction. Not pictured: extra mocha buttercream, made for sitting around my kitchen. Forsythia: Now popping everywhere in shades of lemon meringue, forsythia rings in the season by dangling over porches and sidewalks, showing its aggressive, smiling best in [...]

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Fondue Night, Swiss Kiss

At least once every winter, inspired by glittery snow that is not yet gray heaps, we break out a red enamel pot, sit in front of the fire and have ourselves a traditional Swiss fondue.  We can trace this ritual to our shag-carpeted childhoods, when both our families – maybe every ’70s family – enjoyed [...]

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Retriever Retriever, Pumpkin Eater

Cleo wasn’t feeling well. Our four-year old black Lab had a problem, in that special dog way of having a problem, the kind that finds you outside at 3 a.m., wondering how she ate a paper towel, a pen, six bagels and their bag. Of course dog owners know that goes with the territory, and [...]

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