Gift Hampers

Buying the perfect gift for your loved ones can be both daunting and difficult; especially if you want to make an impact or show just how much you care. It’s no secret that gift hampers can be a great way to really make the most of a gift-giving event, but do you know what styles of gift hampers and occasions can really benefit?

Types of gift hampers

First of all, these types of gift can be unique, customisable and can compliment any occasion – so why are there different variations to begin with? Well, to make your shopping experience easier, of course! Having a basic template to work from can reduce the time that you need to spend putting the gift together, so you can really make the most of your options from the offset. Adding and taking away items is encouraged – so you don’t have to settle for pre-packaged hampers if you don’t want to (although these are still wonderful presents that are wholly worth the investment).

Baby hampers

These work to incorporate all of the things that mums and dads might want for their new baby. With different colour options (often pastel pinks, blues, purples, yellows and greens) and traditional cutesy imagery, your recipient will know who the gift is for at first glance. With standard options such as baby booties, teddy bears, onesies and even pacifiers – you can add extra treats for the adults, as well as baby bottles and more to really make your gift unique.

Drinks hampers

You’ve probably guessed it, but drinks hampers are adult only gift sets that are filled with alcohol. Now, that may sound a little boring, but these hampers are anything but! With dedicated offerings such as red wine, whiskey and rum you can build a gift to suit your recipient – and some even incorporate foods as well. From cheeses to fruits, you can make any event more special; you could even give these as corporate gifts, too. Just remember that certain items can spoil, so you may need to bear that in mind when ordering in time for a specific event.

Ladies hampers

Got a special lady in your life? Well, ladies gift boxes can certainly shower her with love. With a range of gift sets under this category, you could opt for a spa or pampering version (which may include items like bath salts and facial treatments), or even a beautifully decorated chocolate selection that will appeal to her love of both sweet-treats and glitter!

Men’s hampers

When you want a gift just for him, a men’s gift hamper can tick all of the right boxes. Styled in a masculine way and filled with treats for him alone; your man will certainly make feel special. You could opt for a golfing themed set or even an alcoholic one with a simpler aesthetic, the options really are endless.

What about the occasions?

These types of gifts can be perfect for all special events, whether they are traditional or simply meet your specific needs. You will find hampers that are created with festive seasons in mind (such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day) and filled and decorated in ways to really make those occasions shine, so everybody present will know exactly what the gift is for in no time at all.

If you have your own events to attend and birthdays to buy for, then creating a gift from the ground up can go a long way – and with colour options, basket shapes and sizes and even a range of imagery to choose from, you can really go to town.