Drawing Board

Sketchbook archives! Just one more way to yammer about food.

As if you needed more visual pointers on Mandelbread: shape, bake, cut, bake, eat! Heres the more photographic look at my beloved Jewish biscotti.

Testing scones in a giant, industrial-sized Orange County bakery facility and nervously presenting the finished product to grocery store execs. Notes for Josie, early 2000.

In early 2000 I was meeting with large bakeries in California about producing my scones on a larger scale. I felt suffocated by the constant drive of L.A., and after a few days we took our rental car up the coast. I kept a sketchbook for Josie, tuning my notes for her four-year old ears.

Flowers, bakeries, Swedish meatballs and menu notes for Josie in Santa Barbara, California 2000.

From the I remember Grandma category, its a Skyscraper Sundae circa 1975 from La Petite, a Chicago diner near Grandma Ednas apartment with a fancier name than it needed. The uniformed waitresses all wore name tags and brought me free sundaes with crunchy pink wafers the menu read SKYSCRAPER, and to a girl in a red booth with big eyes, that’s exactly what it was.

Magic macarons from Laduree, cassis sorbet (and a shot of cassis) plus extra-fat pizza with eggs.

from June, 2008 Paris

Banana, lemon, pistachio and raspberry gelato

from August, 1990 Caffe Florian, Venice.

We were sweaty, unwashed backpackers who splurged on a real table and perfect gelato. Blistering, grimy, icy, creamy, totally spoon-clinking romance.