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Fondue Night, Swiss Kiss

At least once every winter, inspired by glittery snow that is not yet gray heaps, we break out a red enamel pot, sit in front of the fire and have ourselves a traditional Swiss fondue.  We can trace this ritual to our shag-carpeted childhoods, when both our families – maybe every ’70s family – enjoyed [...]

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Bavaria, On Tap

Home exactly one week, and with jet lag behind me (and snow shovel in hand) I can look back now and smile on a glorious time. Vienna was magic, Salzburg was alpine, and Munich – Munich was fascinating, with many faces: historic, kitschy, lively, stony, colorful, both wholly modern and mired in its past. We [...]

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I Must Have Done Something Good

It’s true that I gave Mom her Hanukkah present a week late. I gave Cleo her flea meds a month late. I’ve been dragging my molasses keyboard fingers on the would-be book-writing forever and, without question, I’ve been a very lazy blogger. Still, I must have done something. Something to deserve being across the ocean, [...]

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Frozen and Simmering

So cold. It’s a blinding white glimpse of the obvious to say it’s cold, but there it is. Cold never used to trouble me – and in fact I still adore winter, and before that fall, and rank Kansas summer heat just above root canal. But the fact remains that I am freezing. While walking [...]

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Well hello! Nice to see you. Cold out there, eh?  Nope, winter’s not getting me down, no sir. I’ve got apricot rugelach in the oven, a roaring fire, and, oh look – two steamy lattes. Chocolate sprinkles on that? I thought so. Comfy now?  Good – first, let’s talk about popularity. I raised the idea [...]

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