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Hey Hey Heywood!

We finally found the perfect nightstands… …thanks to eBay and a little vintage Heywood-Wakefield. This is a well-known shape of theirs, and don’t tell anyone – but they are actually end tables. They prove very, very useful in the bedroom. Next we need a headboard. Headboard coming soon. For now, check out the “stepped” tables [...]

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Nice Rack!

First, we have Greg to thank for the classy post title – it was actually the subject line of an email he sent me a few weeks ago: Sadly it was not a randy compliment for his hot, ageless wife; it was a link to something on eBay, a very important thing that we needed [...]

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The Sweetness of Small Change

We drove out for a little antiquing last weekend, and Josie’s ever-expanding social calendar meant that we were on our own. A little date – our favorite daytime date. If some clever antique mall owner began serving cocktails and appetizers, it would likely become our favorite evening date, too. Our little family has spent a [...]

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Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me

I like fake food. More accurately, I like my food to look fake… …and taste real. Not fake like Hydrogenated-Twinkie-Snowball fake, just fake beautiful. Technicolor fake. My longstanding notion that all meals must look like movie props likely springs from a lifetime of reading and collecting old cookbooks, starting young and ever-growing on my shelves [...]

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Flour Sack Friday

Now there’s a sexy name for a post, eh? Flour Sack Friday. What’s next? Sad Sack Saturday? The above bag is not vintage – it’s full of flour and I bought it just a few days ago at Dillon’s. I don’t know if I adore Hudson Cream flour more for their happiness-inducing cow illustration or [...]

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