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Every Mug Tells a Story

Because sometimes, inspiration is in the upper left cabinet above the sink. 1. In 1993 we registered for twelve blue-and-white coffee cups from William-Sonoma. We received a gift box with eleven blue-striped cups and, like an ugly duckling, one with a stripe of green. Green Stripe always sat in the back, used only for a [...]

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Ten-Word Thursday, an ongoing feature in which I’m forced to communicate an idea in just ten words.  Specially designed to show my husband that I can shut it when necessary. Today – a travel daydream and the one that got away?  No problem. 1950′s cookbook mmm – maybe wandered came back later gone. Merde! what [...]

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Five-Fingered Morkrost

Since I’ve already confessed one sin this week, might as well set the whole table. I like stuff. Stuff from…restaurants. And hotels. I like creamers and ashtrays and swizzle sticks. I like coffee cups. That one, over there? It may or may not have found its way out of my brother-in-law’s rehearsal dinner in Falun, [...]

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Cup and Saucer Cookie Contest

So, this cute little cup generated surprisingly big feelings. I heard everything from “love that cup!” to “I want a cookie NOW. RIGHT NOW.” Agreed. It says high tea, and Grandma’s sideboard, and you know, it does say gimme two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies RIGHT NOW. And that handle! Just looking at it makes me [...]

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Art Pottery or Flea Market Fab?

This light green two-handled pottery vase is one of my favorite finds – ever. I picked it off a flea market table somewhere in Michigan on a road trip with Aunt Rhoda, my personal finds guru and she of the wedding clock gift. In addition to miles of backroad stuff hunting, there was also a [...]

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