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Clearly Now

Oh, home video. People always say it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful to have everything: the cities you saw, the wedding, the first steps, the faces and talk of people we love, gone, still waiting there on tape. When Josie was born there was some pressure to take video. But we didn’t want video. I find no [...]

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It’s been a quiet summer here, at least for the adults and one miserably hot Labrador Retriever. While Josie tore through theater stage crew, volleyball camp and writing class, Greg had his nose to the legal grindstone and I’ve been writing, writing, special-project writing, and quietly keeping fingers crossed. I know it’s still late July [...]

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Still Simmering

Yes, I’m here. And no, I’ve not abandoned blogging. I haven’t vanished, nor fallen off the earth or into a ditch by the side of the road. Though certainly, I appreciate the concern – voiced by many of you dear souls – that I could be, I’m not. I am in fact just where we [...]

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Bavaria, On Tap

Home exactly one week, and with jet lag behind me (and snow shovel in hand) I can look back now and smile on a glorious time. Vienna was magic, Salzburg was alpine, and Munich – Munich was fascinating, with many faces: historic, kitschy, lively, stony, colorful, both wholly modern and mired in its past. We [...]

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I Must Have Done Something Good

It’s true that I gave Mom her Hanukkah present a week late. I gave Cleo her flea meds a month late. I’ve been dragging my molasses keyboard fingers on the would-be book-writing forever and, without question, I’ve been a very lazy blogger. Still, I must have done something. Something to deserve being across the ocean, [...]

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