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And we’re back. I know the bugs appear to be fixed, but behind the scenes, a parade of tangled code is still making things blurry. At least the blog wheels are turning, and that’s more than I can say for those in my head which, after this technology go-around, nearly stopped. And speaking of blurry, [...]

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When Your Cuke Overfloweth

Are your friends playing ding-dong-cucumber? As in, ring the bell, dump the cukes and run? Do your pals sheepishly hand you armfuls, whispering “make pickles. Please?” I’ll just bet the big greens are rolling off the counter, filling your backseat, and hogging the fridge. I don’t even try growing cucumbers. My vegetable thumb is so [...]

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For the Love of Chicken Salad

When I think about love, I think of my family, and my brown-eyed dog, and brick sidewalks and autumn and warm pecan pie. Those are all happy things – but let’s talk about a different kind of love. A love greater than dark chocolate or lab puppies or little velvet boxes. Lets talk about… …chicken [...]

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