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Bark Mitzvah

After the last kugel was served, the last tired-legs house tour given, after the last lipsticked kiss and the last out-of-towner boarded a plane, we were left with one half-bag of pretzels and a bowl of ganache. So I made a pretzel ganache sandwich. End of story. What. Oh, I’m sorry…the Bat Mitzvah. Were you [...]

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I have piped my last cookie, iced my last brownie and stuffed my last gift bag. I have shopped for shoes and tumblers and plates and cups, wine and chocolates and acres of ribbon; I have picked up my last dry cleaning, my last paper towels, gummi bears, scotch tape and gel pens and strapless [...]

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Attention Please

Where have I been? Well, bat mitzvah weekend – not a ceremony, not a party, a weekend – blasts off in just ten days. I kept thinking it was longer; someone would say, “wow, just a month now,” and I’d wave them off, no no, much longer. Plenty of time. Then Josie would say “three [...]

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Either Sara’s Tell Simmer was riveting – it was – or I’m hidden deep in the kitchen, up to my ears in kugel. Guess what? It’s both. The laser focus right now is on Josie’s impending Bat Mitzvah, a seismic event counting down in three weeks. Were I a sane-type person, I’d either a) pay [...]

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I Got All My Bloggers With Me

Oh, to be two well-known bloggers – sisters, no less – at a Valentine’s Day party. Your drinks are poured, your chocolates ready. The host tries to spirit you away for a private tour, but it’s no use. Guests shyly approach in a thrill of recognition.  Roses are thrown at your feet… …and the kitchen [...]

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