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Yo Philly!

Two dear Lawrence friends recently moved to Philadelphia – which means I can now add Joel and Jocelyn to the mental loop of “Philly stuff” in my head. That particular slideshow includes the obvious – the Liberty Bell, cheese steaks, Rocky chasing a chicken – and more obscure bits, like how I first heard the [...]

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Pick Your Paris Apartment

On every street in Paris, I found a reason to abandon my new old house and move into a place with dubious plumbing, cramped space and a totally dreamy facade. I took enough apartment photos to make a local gendarme look twice, and maybe he would, if he wasn’t busy with cafe and croissants, the [...]

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Making a New Kitchen Yours

Yesterday the new kitchen officially became my kitchen. We had drawn every detail, every door and knob and pull, but it took months of living to make it mine. I would like to say it was the perfect batch of brownies or the waft of blueberry pie, but it was a pool of dirty water. [...]

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The Howling

Poor Cleo. When we moved, she thought she was leaving fire trucks and sirens behind. We knew there was a station only two blocks away… …but we forgot to tell her.

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Nobody Move!

A tale of two moves. Last Friday was moving day – first, about ten hours of watching our house get moved into storage. Then a few more spent hauling ourselves into an apartment, where we’ll wait for the finished new old house. Moving is hard on anyone; a doubleheader is killer. The most mind-bending task [...]

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