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Why yes, I did say as dessert is my witness, I’ll never touch reruns again. But it’s Friday, and summer, and a crazy story worth repeating. I’m certain I’ll be telling it at the nursing home: “remember that time….I had a dishwasher problem…” If you’ve read this before, thank you, thank you, for sticking around.  [...]

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Why I’m Afraid of Pears

I’ll be traveling through airports in the morning, sucking down Starbucks and looking for a decent snack – so the Scrambled Egg winner must wait, and will be announced Friday night.  Just think – that adorable little whisk, the perfect kitchen bling, could be yours! But first, since I’ll be on the move tomorrow, we’re [...]

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The M-Word

I’m sorry, people who believe in live traps and gentle pest removal and lovingly set m-m-m…mice, there I said it, mice – free in a sunny woodland glade. I hate rodents – not counting squirrels, which obviously get a pass for being cute – and now my double-crossing blogger pal Jean from Renovation Therapy has [...]

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