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Weeping Willow Salad

Cleo and I like to roam around Potter Lake, the most placid spot on the KU campus. Everyone wanders here: professors escaping students, students escaping classes, fisherman with small hopes and young people in love. Today I watch a scruffy pair climb the little limestone bridge and embrace, sure that in one hundred and forty-three [...]

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Rock Chalk House Walk!

Yes, our magnificent Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA National Basketball Championship last night. And yes, over 40,000 people – with us, 40,003 – poured down to Mass Street last night to party “like it was 1988″ – that’s when Greg and I were college students and the last time KU won a national championship. Surely [...]

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Lucky Bronze Pork

The Kansas Jayhawks play the North Carolina Tarheels this evening. Soon. They will play in San Antonio, but here in Lawrence, people are losing their minds. I know, I know, it’s just a stupid game – but when you live in the very center of the game, the damn Naismith birthplace of said stupid game [...]

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Almond Joy for Basketball Nuts

Right now I’m about done with March Madness, as in my eyes are two basketballs and I’m reciting beer commercials by heart. Here in the final days of the Final Four there is an ugly turn toward March Mystery – will I stay sane? Does the game really hold life-altering consequences? Will we ever watch [...]

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Here is your day-late look at Steaming Sunday. Josie made this most excellent “DAD” mug for Greg on his birthday a few years back, at one of those paint-your-own ceramics places. Now it has a nice crackly patina and coffee rings at the bottom. It’s well-loved. The news below it, of course, is basketball news [...]

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