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Either Sara’s Tell Simmer was riveting – it was – or I’m hidden deep in the kitchen, up to my ears in kugel. Guess what? It’s both. The laser focus right now is on Josie’s impending Bat Mitzvah, a seismic event counting down in three weeks. Were I a sane-type person, I’d either a) pay [...]

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Small Bites: Friends

On our way home from the airport Saturday night, Greg and I stopped for a late dinner out, somewhere with dim lighting and salty breadboards. Flush with being sprung from Vegas, it took just one glass of Chianti and some paper-thin prosciutto to relax, and the place was hopping.  I spotted some friends a few [...]

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New to You: The Name of the Game

Two reruns in a week? Well, we’ve got out-of-town guests. And I’ve been cranking out scones, cookies, challah and deep-dish pizza to please them. Have I mentioned I’m a pleaser? It’s disgusting, really. Anyway – me standing in a kitchen with floury hands equals a rerun at Simmer. And since this one is not food-related [...]

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Frozen and Simmering

So cold. It’s a blinding white glimpse of the obvious to say it’s cold, but there it is. Cold never used to trouble me – and in fact I still adore winter, and before that fall, and rank Kansas summer heat just above root canal. But the fact remains that I am freezing. While walking [...]

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Fireside Chat Recipe Book Winner

I enjoyed our fireside chat so much! The kind words, the laughs, all those hot toddies – seriously, a few more and winter will be positively bearable. After a highly scientific selection process – one that involved a roomful of 60′s computers and throwing beans in the moonlight – the winner of the Simmer Till [...]

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