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Honey, Do

I have a well-documented thing for honey. A crush on honey, no, a deep-seated need for honey – so drippy and persistent that it rivals the fat yellow bear in the red shirt. My pairing of choice is with butter; any toast or crackers below are just a platform, and if propriety would let me [...]

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It’s not all glistening pools of jam and swirly frosting, you know.  There are outtakes – trash heaps, a big ugly pile of things you don’t need to see on a food blog, starting with: A naked, salted chicken. This might excite the foodie and the few, but I don’t want to know about it. [...]

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The Secret Life of Oven Mitty

Today, we bid farewell to an old friend. It pains me to say so, but it’s time. Yes. Oven Mitty has pulled out his last banana bread. I know. It’s not easy for me either, buddy. We’ve worked in the trenches together for so long.  How long? Let’s take a look. Good times, and not [...]

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We spent much of 2007 making house-building plans, and I think it’s fair to say that no room, not by a long shot, received as much design (and re-design) attention as the kitchen. Given that I spend a high percentage of life leaning over a baking board, and as I’m on the wee stumpy side, [...]

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Why I’m Afraid of Pears

I’ll be traveling through airports in the morning, sucking down Starbucks and looking for a decent snack – so the Scrambled Egg winner must wait, and will be announced Friday night.  Just think – that adorable little whisk, the perfect kitchen bling, could be yours! But first, since I’ll be on the move tomorrow, we’re [...]

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