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Ginger Peach Pandowdy

“Ginger Peach Pan-what?” Josie was howling. “You’re doing something called Ginger Peach Pandowdy?”  Why yes. Yes I am. And then my daughter fell off the chair laughing. And then from the floor, faux-hillbilly. “Paaaan-dowdy!” Very funny. Yes, it’s called Pandowdy, and yes, Ginger Peach sounds like she’s waiting tables at Dollywood, and yes, it’s the [...]

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We’re on the road this weekend, toward Western Kansas, to Abilene, to stare at some pretty country, to fret about tornadoes, to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum. We toured Ike’s boyhood home, gawked at parlor chairs and portraits and sifters, trying to find out what makes great men great. Here in Mrs. Eisenhower’s [...]

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I am one lazy blogger today. Maybe Grace’s interview was so delightful (it was) I decided to leave it up, or maybe I’m in a fog because my daughter – who I swore just turned eight – heads off to junior high tomorrow. Most people remember at least one happy thing about school daze – [...]

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Limeade vs. Citron Presse

Hello, folks! Limeade here. Just hanging around the kitchen, and it sure is hot. Well look down there! It’s my French cousin, Citron Presse. Say hey to the crowd, Citron! Hmm. Citron is pretty, but shy. Maybe she needs out of that fancy cafe now and then.

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Flour Sack Friday

Now there’s a sexy name for a post, eh? Flour Sack Friday. What’s next? Sad Sack Saturday? The above bag is not vintage – it’s full of flour and I bought it just a few days ago at Dillon’s. I don’t know if I adore Hudson Cream flour more for their happiness-inducing cow illustration or [...]

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