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July is an upside-down month – as in, steaming outside, freezing inside. It’s too hot to cook, but I’m starving. I couldn’t eat another bite, but…a little something cold for dessert? Oh, summer desserts. With a damp ponytail and flip-flops, you’d think I’d keep it simple, but no. That scoop of specked vanilla? Purity in [...]

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I always enjoyed the sight of peaches piled in bowls and paintings. But I never liked to eat them. I thought there was something wrong with me. Everyone else was in love with peaches. It’s possible I never got over the watery fruit cocktail in the school cafeteria.

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The One-Handed Chef

We hosted friends on Saturday night, our first true dinner guests in the new old house. Yes, all you parents, we’ve hosted you, too, with pleasure – but I’m talking appetizers, and wine, and plated desserts and more wine. Dinner guests. I know we had a good time, because I went to bed late, stuffed, [...]

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