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Limeade vs. Citron Presse

Hello, folks! Limeade here. Just hanging around the kitchen, and it sure is hot. Well look down there! It’s my French cousin, Citron Presse. Say hey to the crowd, Citron! Hmm. Citron is pretty, but shy. Maybe she needs out of that fancy cafe now and then.

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This week on the Tell Simmer grill: Joanne Asala, a busy writer-editor with a taste for adventure. Her blog The Box House chronicles the restoration of a 1920s Chicago-style two-flat, and she’s compiled and edited over forty books on traditional folktales, customs, and cooking, including Celtic Folklore Cooking. This culture-hopping editor at Compass Rose Horizons [...]

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Lemon Drop Kids

Josie and the neighborhood kids had a lemonade stand this past weekend, set like a scene from Our Town – white umbrella, handmade signs, fresh-squeezed lemonade and sugared yellow cookies. The kids were honoring a sick friend, and wanted the money to go to leukemia research. One look at their signs – 50 cents, HELP [...]

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