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Attention Please

Where have I been? Well, bat mitzvah weekend – not a ceremony, not a party, a weekend – blasts off in just ten days. I kept thinking it was longer; someone would say, “wow, just a month now,” and I’d wave them off, no no, much longer. Plenty of time. Then Josie would say “three [...]

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I share a birthday with Marie Antoinette – November 2 – and in my younger years I took this to mean I was destined for cake and royalty, only to eventually learn that it just might mean the chopping block.  Early November always puts my birthday somewhere between Halloween and Election Day, and never more [...]

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Edible Edies, Day 2

In the documentary Grey Gardens, Big Edie and Little Edie – depicted here in egg form – fought eviction from their beautifully decomposing Hamptons house. But that was nothing compared to the indignities of life in the fridge. If you haven’t yet checked out the brave women, dogs and babies in Jean’s Grey Gardens contest, [...]

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Eating My Words

When Josie was a toddler, I dutifully subscribed to family-activity magazines. I always started by saying “Look! We should go to that tree-climbing family eco-resort in Costa Rica!” and finished by hurling it at the wall. And oh, the food projects. Every kids’ activity involved seemed to turn string cheese into castles or candy bars [...]

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The Only House Book We’ll Ever Need

In 1907 the author Carolyn Wells wrote Marjorie’s Vacation, in which a high-spirited girl rides a train and summers at her grandmother’s well-appointed country house. The book was part of a Marjorie series, and though I don’t know who loved them in 1907, I know at least one edition passed seven decades’ worth of readers [...]

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