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A No-Craft Craft for Coffee Lovers

To give is better to receive, and to give the gift of coffee is almost as good as drinking it yourself.  Here’s a tiny little no-craft craft (for even the least crafty among us) that you can use for birthdays, holidays, or any day you feel guilty about all those paper java jackets. You will [...]

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After fielding several reader requests for “those centerpieces you recycle” and “bat mitzvah dog stuff,” I decided a quick rerun was in order. Whatever you’re planning – bar or bat mitzvah, birthday party, wedding or fundraiser – I hope you sweep past the glitter, and find your own reuse/recycle inspiration. The Center of Everything [originally [...]

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The Center of Everything

It’s been a month since Josie’s bat mitzvah, and looking at photos now with a better-rested and less tearful eye, it’s hard to believe we did all that. But we did, and at least one part of it merits a closer how-to look. Centerpieces. We planned 16 tables of adults at our party (some 60 [...]

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Bark Mitzvah

After the last kugel was served, the last tired-legs house tour given, after the last lipsticked kiss and the last out-of-towner boarded a plane, we were left with one half-bag of pretzels and a bowl of ganache. So I made a pretzel ganache sandwich. End of story. What. Oh, I’m sorry…the Bat Mitzvah. Were you [...]

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I have piped my last cookie, iced my last brownie and stuffed my last gift bag. I have shopped for shoes and tumblers and plates and cups, wine and chocolates and acres of ribbon; I have picked up my last dry cleaning, my last paper towels, gummi bears, scotch tape and gel pens and strapless [...]

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