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It’s not all glistening pools of jam and swirly frosting, you know.  There are outtakes – trash heaps, a big ugly pile of things you don’t need to see on a food blog, starting with: A naked, salted chicken. This might excite the foodie and the few, but I don’t want to know about it. [...]

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Hound of the Buttervilles

In case you were wondering, she is still at it. Cleo is either reaching for butter, or just snagged a piece of pastrami. With that supernatural tongue, who can tell?

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Flashback: The Howling

Yeesh! How life intervenes.  I’ll be back tomorrow with something tasty, but for now, please enjoy the quickest, cutest flashback I could find.  From April 17, 2008, it’s my favorite kalamata-nosed girl in all her coyote glory. ————- Poor Cleo. When we moved, she thought she was leaving fire trucks and sirens behind. We knew [...]

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Frozen and Simmering

So cold. It’s a blinding white glimpse of the obvious to say it’s cold, but there it is. Cold never used to trouble me – and in fact I still adore winter, and before that fall, and rank Kansas summer heat just above root canal. But the fact remains that I am freezing. While walking [...]

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We spent much of 2007 making house-building plans, and I think it’s fair to say that no room, not by a long shot, received as much design (and re-design) attention as the kitchen. Given that I spend a high percentage of life leaning over a baking board, and as I’m on the wee stumpy side, [...]

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