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For Mom, Chip Chip Hooray

My mom has the exceptional gift of being easy to please. She likes glossy travel magazines, Walker Bros. hash browns, her grandchildren, soft throw blankets and a good Clinique bonus. This quality makes her, as they say, “easy” to buy for. And since we all know people who are “impossible” to buy for, I think [...]

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Are Chocolate Bars the Golden Ticket?

I read today that British researchers are recruiting study participants to eat one chocolate bar a day, for a year, all in the name of science. Apparently their trial, beginning in June, …will explore whether compounds called flavonoids found in chocolate and other foods can reduce the risk of heart disease for menopausal women with [...]

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Strawberry Sunday

Strawberries are healthy. Chocolate – despite every effort to pump its nutritional value – is not. Strawberries, by themselves, don’t do it for me; out of season, they’re crunchy and flavorless, and at their soft, sweet peak they fall into my mushy fruit category. No can do. But…put them together? Now I’m interested. Most people [...]

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