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Here’s the thing: I don’t love Jell-O, and most of America does.  I’d bet that even foodie elite, people who’d never be caught with a two-tone wiggler, dig strawberry banana when no one’s looking – I believe it.  There are distinct groups of Jell-O lovers – 50′s kids who grew up with it, like my [...]

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The Challah That We Built

This is the challah. This is the soup that soaked up the crusts that were cut from the challah that we built. This is French toast that used up some slices before crusts filled the soup that came from the challah that we built. This is the sandwich, all stacked up and new that made [...]

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Breadboard – Check

Some days it takes nothing to break a smile, some days maybe more – but I’m sure we can all agree that occasionally, what you need is a little doorbell surprise.  I heart you, UPS guy.  Wait, have a brownie! The package thing, however, works a lot better if you’re actually home.  Last week I [...]

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Lucky Sunday

Before my head ever left the pillow, there was a lab nose in my face and a twelve-year old in my ear. “Are you hungry?” No. I am in bed. “Should we go out to breakfast?” Maybe. When I am out of the bed. Cleo stared at me, her fixed brown-eye seal stare, feed me. [...]

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Looking for Mr. Breadboard

One of our frequent hometown haunts is Teller’s, which serves modern Italian in a one-of-a-kind restored bank building. Teller’s is only a few blocks from our house and provides great wine and just the right amount of lighting for date night. It also provides very nice prosciutto, figs and parmesan – good on any night. [...]

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