I’m a pastry chef but I don’t work in restaurants anymore, so you can just call me giver of dessert happiness. I’m also a collector of pressed pennies, a serial eBayer and a writer. We built a new old English Tudor house here in Lawrence, Kansas, the coolest college town in America, and I started the blog to talk house, but found out fast that people would rather stare at food.  Who wouldn’t?

If you visited, Id bake chocolate ginger scones and serve you green tea. Wed take my dopey black lab Cleo walking downtown and grab an iced americano for me, not the dog. Youd hear me gripe at my teen daughter because gripe means love and trade sweet barbs with my husband. Hes my lawyerly, quieter and less kitchen-centered half.

Bad habits include asking inappropriate questions, habitually checking e-mail and snacking on butter. On the plus side I make true deep dish pizza, I kiss my dog, I remember birthdays and can carve a turkey.

A Chicago native living in Kansas, I love the Midwest and its piled-plate glory. Ive been a chef, daughter, mother, writer, wife, entrepreneur and friend, but what Im best suited for is just plain handing out delicious things. And repeating all the stories that go with them.

contact me: marilyn.naron@gmail.com

For short, shiny bits about food, books and more food, visit me at my mini-blog, Simmering

Where else can you find me simmering?

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